Thailand: top destination

Thailand: top destination
Thailand, is a country of Buddhist majority, is a true tourist power that receives millions of tourists every year.

The charm of this country is the mixture between the natural and the cultural. To think about Thailand is to think about beaches, traditions, customs and monuments and rich gastronomy.

It is one of those exotic destinations that attracts shopping tourism, looking for spectacular beaches, whether young backpackers seeking adventure or families with children.

The reasons to visit it are:

- The cost, since it is an emerging country.

- The possibility of discovering sites still unknown.

- Know the natural habitat of elephants.

- Diversity.

- Its paradisiacal beaches.

- Food.

- Massages.

Thanks to all these attractions, it is difficult for someone to return from Thailand without a wide grin of satisfaction in the face, for this reason they call it the "The Smiles Country".