Thanks teacher!

Thanks teacher!
Raise your hand if you fondly remember your teacher …

The bond established between some teachers and their students is special when the former are able to empathize, teach and make the child interested in a subject. We all know that our future depends greatly on it and as parents it is always good to be grateful that these premises are fulfilled.

Why not teach your children that giving away can be more rewarding than waiting for a gift? Why not educate them in thanking the effort and dedication of others, in thinking about what others will like?

Silom Spa helps you to thank this special teacher for the affection and dedication he dedicates to the students.
Give any of our treatments, let yourself be suggested by the gift that best suits the needs and personality of the teacher.

It will undoubtedly be a relaxing and unforgettable experience that you will appreciate after the entire school year.

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