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Prepare your skin for the summer

Prepare your skin for the summer

If you want a spectacular tan, before sunbathing it is essential that your skin is completely clean and free of impurities. To do it, there is nothing better than a good facial and body exfoliation. This will eliminate all dead cells and you will be prepared to make your skin look much softer and brighter in summer.

Due to its renewing effect, the exfoliation visibly transforms the texture of the skin, giving it a more radiant, fresh and youthful appearance. By eliminating dead cells that clog the surface, the skin is much more receptive to receiving the active principles of any product or absorbing vitamins. Hence  the importance of performing several exfoliations for the summer.

In addition, this beauty ritual is ideal for those who use self-tanning creams, because it helps the cream to be evenly applied. It is the perfect trick to show off a tan.

Come to Silom Spa and prepare your skin for the summer with our 'Body Scrub' and choose from our delicious range of exfoliants that you like.

Make an appointment with us and boast of skin this summer.


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