Did you know that smells can also benefit your health?


For years, the scent of jasmine has been used for multiple therapies. Its sweet smell is able to reduce stress and sleep difficulties. It is also widely used to reduce anxiety levels and improve mood.



The oil created from bergamot is known for its antidepressant and stimulant properties. These components improve circulation, thus giving a feeling of freshness and energy. In addition, according to various studies show that the effect of bergamot essence when it comes to depression, anxiety and stress performs the role of a natural antidepressant.



The penetrating smell of cinnamon will not only make us feel more motivated when performing any type of exercise, but also, it is able to help us find some emotional balance and reduce fatigue and anger.



The scent of ginger is used for numerous therapeutic purposes. Ginger also helps improve circulation, prevent dizziness and relieve some symptoms of the flu and the cold.



It is a stimulant, invigorating and energizing in the states of mental fatigue and fatigue. Some research has proven that the essential oils of lemongrass are beneficial for the health of the skin. Among other benefits, it has also been found to cure cramps, acts as a pain reliever in people with severe joint pain as it helps to relax muscles.


And you, what scent would you choose to perform one of our Massages?