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  • Body Wrap
Treatments - Beauty

Body Wrap

* You can choose three types of aromatic therapies:

This sweet and romantic floral fragrance helps to relax the mind, to reduce the stress, to soften and nourise the skin, even the more sensitive, with its properties.

Well-known for its natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, Pasion Fruit reduces the effects of aging, hydrates the skin softly and leaves a bright and fresh skin.

It has a delicious aroma that evokes to Far East and making it a pleasure for the skin. Deeply hydrating, Cinammon helps to tone the body skin and, at the same time, Vanilla helps to relax it, which brings brightness and healthy and young appealing.

A rich, moisturizing treatment of the skin. Natural products are applied to the entire body, at the right temperature specifically to allow the pores to open and receive the benefits of our Asian recipes. As a result, the skin feels purified, moisturized and smooth.

A combination of essential oils will then be applied to the skin to provide nourishment and moisture.

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: 65€