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Christmas Tea

Christmas Tea
The cold has arrived and the streets are full of Christmas lights and decorations. Therefore, there is nothing like accompanying these low temperatures with our special "Christmas Tea".

You will be the perfect host in these magical days, if you offer your guests and family a hot tea with the most Christmas flavors of the world of tea.

What's so special about Christmas tea?

Well, its ingredients, its aroma ... with smelling it, there are too many words. And as through the screen can not transmit the aromas ... are invited to approach a Silom Spa to buy a nice bag of 100 grams.

And now we leave you a small and easy recipe that will surely delight all your guests!


-750 ml of Christmas tea
-80 gr of brown sugar or honey
-6 cloves
-2 cinnamon sticks
-Scratching the skin of an orange


We put all the spices in a wide-mouthed pot, add the sugar and put a heat over a low heat. When the aromas begin to come out, it is time to incorporate the tea mixing it well. Cook, without boiling, for 20 minutes. Check the point of sweetness, adding a little more sugar or honey if necessary. Strain to remove the species and serve

You can put an orange peel and a cinnamon stick, a decoration mode in each glass. And to enjoy!

We are waiting for you at Silom Spa this Christmas.