If you are curious to know something about the Silom Spa logo we tell you: it is inspired by the flower of the Frangipani, or Leelavadee, as it is known in Thailand.

Valued over the centuries by its curative powers, the Frangipani is popularly known as "the tree of life" and by the botanists by its Latin name: Plumeria.

This ornamental shrub is native to Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean but can also be found in tropical and subtropical climates, making it quite common in Asia. Its flowers have a variety of colors ranging from pink to cream and white and its fragrance is mostly felt at night.

The essential oil of frangipani has a lot of benefits. In addition to its natural anti-aging properties, it helps to rejuvenate the mind and body when inhaled, has anti-inflammatory properties and relieves back pain, headache and ringing in the ears or tinnitus. The essential oil of frangipani, is highly valued for its extraordinary results on the skin and hair. It is also often used in aromatherapy as it has the quality of soothing and relaxing people. Its perfume stimulates a sensual and provocative emotion thanks to its deeply floral aroma.

In Asia, the uses of Frangipani are diverse. In southern India, the cream-colored variety is used at weddings, where the bride and groom exchange a garland made with their flowers.
Frangipani specimens are also abundant in the temples of that region.

In Java they use the Frangipani to perform a purification ritual with which future brides soften, tone and give light to their skin and which consists of a massage and exfoliation treatment, followed by a long dip between fragrant petals of these flowers.

In China, Frangipani is very scarce and when someone delivers these flowers to a loved one, it is the closest thing to say; You are very special or I love you

In Thailand, it is common to deliver Leelavadee flowers as an offering to the Buddha and many Thais wear them on special occasions such as 'Songkram', the Thai New Year.

We hope you like the Leelavadee as much as we like it to ourselves.

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